Our Mission

Welcome to Oregon Periodontics – home of the top periodontist in Portland!

Dr. Robert Henshaw is a highly-skilled, reputable periodontist in Portland who has served the community with superior quality and compassionate periodontal care for more than 40 years. Our entire team at Oregon Periodontics is exceedingly skillful and genuinely concerned with the well-being and comfort of every patient we see.

We always aim to make your visit to the periodontist in Portland a stress-free, positive experience. When you have a dental consultation with us in Portland, you’ll find that our warm environment, expertise, and personal attention rival that of any other periodontist in Portland.

It’s also our belief that when you visit the periodontist in Portland, you should expect the best technology and treatments available. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a leading periodontist in Portland for laser surgery. Laser surgery consistently enables us to deliver remarkable results using minimally-invasive techniques and non-surgical procedures, including the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®).

LANAP® is a revolutionary laser gum surgery technique for periodontal disease that makes visiting the periodontist in Portland for gum disease treatment less painful, less daunting, and more effective than ever before. FDA-cleared and supported by human histological studies, LANAP® brings gum disease treatment to a whole new level – and why more patients are choosing to make a dental consultation in Portland with one of our trusted laser surgery specialists.

We’re also a leading periodontist in Portland for dental implants, which are backed by more than 50 years of research and considered today’s ideal solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are the closest thing to having real teeth. Better than conventional tooth replacements, implants give folks who make us their periodontist in Portland the opportunity to smile, socialize and enjoy meals with freedom and confidence again – another reason why more patients are choosing to make a dental consultation in Portland with one of our trusted dental implant specialists.

We’ve worked hard to build a reputation of making patients feel comfortable, safe and satisfied by providing the most comprehensive periodontal care and expertise available from a periodontist in Portland.

We sincerely thank you for considering Oregon Periodontics as your periodontist in Portland. Please call to make a dental consultation in Portland with one of our caring and professional doctors.