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Reasons Why Your Gums May Hurt

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Robert Henshaw, DMD
Reasons Why Your Gums May HurtPain in your body is a sign that something is not right. There are many different types of pain. Sometimes pain is short-lived and goes away. Other types of pain are chronic and does not go away. The severity of the pain can range from severe, acute pain to pain that is more of a discomfort. The key thing to do when you have pain is figure out why, so you know what to do. If it is your gums that are feeling any type of pain, you need to know why it can happen.

The Fear of Gum Disease

The idea that the pain in the gums is due to gum disease can scare many people. Just because you have some pain, does not mean you are in for a battle with a serious problem. There are some reasons for gums to hurt that are not a big problem and are easy to resolve.

•  Improper Brushing - It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but it is just as important to do it the right way. A toothbrush with hard bristles can cause irritations in the gums that cause discomfort. The same thing can happen when you brush too aggressively. The solution to this is to use the right brush and technique.
•  Diet - Some foods can cause inflammation in the gums. Acidic foods and spicy foods are an example of this. It is also possible for hot foods to cause minor burns of the gums. If these cause too much pain or do not resolve themselves, a trip to our offices can help.
•  Lack of brushing and flossing - These are two things that are done every day. Skipping them can lead to problems with the gums and discomfort. The solution to follow a good routine every day.

These issues are simple to resolve and are not usually a serious problem. It is only if nothing is done that a person has to fear more serious gum issues.

Serious Reasons for Gum Pain

Gum disease is a serious problem that is a result of bacterial growth on the teeth and gums. Brushing, flossing and professional cleaning can remove the bacteria and prevent gum disease from happening. If this is not done, the gums will suffer. Inflammation, bleeding and pain are some of the most common symptoms of gum disease.

Tobacco use can also lead to pain in the gums. This is especially true with chewing tobacco. The tobacco can damage the gums and cause pain. Canker sores occur in the mouth, but they affect the gums too. People undergoing chemotherapy have diminished immune systems which can lead to gum problems. Hormones can also affect the gums. Women who are pregnant or on birth control can struggle with gum inflammation and bleeding.

Pain is a sign that something is wrong with your gums. A little work can help you figure out what the problem is. If you suffer from gum pain, contact the dental professionals at our offices to help you figure out what it is and what to do about it.
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