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Does How Much You Weigh Increase Your Chances of Developing Gum Disease?

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Robert Henshaw, DMD
Does How Much You Weigh Increase Your Chances of Developing Gum Disease?The dangerous side effects of obesity are well documented and understood. Chronic illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, and even cancer have been linked with having excess adipose tissue on your body. But did you know that your chances of gum disease are also greatly increased the more overweight you are?

Your Weight and Your Oral Health

We've known for a long time that an unhealthy diet combined with overeating can lead to a list of illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, evidently not even your mouth is safe from the dangerous side effects of obesity.

New research has shown that the higher your BMI (body mass index) and your waist circumference, the higher your chances were of having periodontal disease – to the tune of a 76% increased incidence!

Periodontal disease can be a relatively painless affliction in its early stages, which makes vigilance about its symptoms all the more vital:

•  Swollen, tender, and red gums
•  Bleeding when you brush your teeth
•  Bad breath halitosis
•  Receding gumline

The link between obesity and inflammation are well documented and having elevated levels of inflammation can start to take its toll on your teeth and your gums.

The benefits of a healthy diet cannot be overlooked, either. Calorie-dense, nutritionally void foods are easily overeaten, leading to unwanted weight gain. Soft drinks, which are high in sugar, are also guilty of contributing to gum disease. Furthermore, junk food is often lacking in important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and calcium.

Combined with a good oral hygiene regimen, a healthy diet can help reverse the early signs of gum disease. Taking time to brush your teeth twice a day (for two minutes each time) and flossing can prevent the damage from a high-sugar diet and reverse gingivitis. Reach for foods like fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients, to help restore the minerals in your bones and teeth.

Taking good care of your oral health starts with a good cleaning regimen, a good diet, and maintaining a healthy weight, but regular dental appointments are also key to preventing gum disease. Please give our office a call today to schedule your comprehensive dental exam and cleaning!
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