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What Types of Treatment Can Work With Advanced Gum Disease?

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Robert Henshaw, DMD
What Types of Treatment Can Work With Advanced Gum Disease?Advanced gum disease can be difficult to treat in any circumstance. This is why we always recommend visiting us to catch early signs of gum disease and stop it before it can progress to later stages.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat advanced gum disease with the use of modern technology and medical knowledge.

To truly understand why it is so difficult to treat advanced gum disease, it is important to understand how it manifests. Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is when bacteria in the mouth has decayed teeth and gum tissue to dangerous levels. Part of the reason periodontitis is so detrimental to oral health is that the teeth and gums can't grow back naturally.

Once they are gone, they are gone forever. Another difficult thing to deal with when it comes to periodontitis is the loss of jawbone density. When teeth are lost, the jawbone will lose its density over time making it more susceptible to breaking and an uneven bite.

Effective Treatments for Periodontitis

All treatment will depend on the severity of your periodontitis, however, if you have lost teeth because of it, there are ways to restore your teeth. The most common method implemented when teeth have been lost is called dental implantation. A single dental implant consists of three parts: a crown, an abutment, and a screw. The screw is inserted into your jaw, and then the abutment is attached to the screw. Finally, the crown is placed on top of it all. Dental implants are the only true restorative measure when facing jawbone density loss which makes it the most effective at making sure your oral health is restored completely.

Other methods exist for treating advanced gum disease. Many of the treatments consist of thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity to prevent more bacterial decay. If you're interested in dental implants or would like to hear about other options, please call our office and we can set up a consultation appointment to continue further.
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