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Dr. Robert Henshaw is offering this educational blog to our patients and the community. Our hope at Oregon Periodontics, P.C. is that this blog will cover subjects that you and may be interested in.

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Myths About Periodontal Disease Can Harm Your Oral Health

Posted on 3/25/2020 by Robert Henshaw, DMD
There are many myths out there when it comes to taking care of your oral health. Some of the most prominent are about root canals and periodontal disease. If you want to be able to take the best care of your mouth and your overall oral health, then you want to make sure you know what myths are just false, and which have a grain of truth to them. If you follow something false, it could lead to problems with your oral health now, and into the future. Knowing the Truth About Periodontal Disease Myth One – Cavities Give You Gum Disease. This is just a myth, for the most part. Poor oral health can lead to gum disease, and it could also lead to an increase in cavities. However, having a random cavity, especially a treated one, is not going to give you gum disease. Myth Two – Untreated Gum Disease Is No Big Deal. This is also a myth, and a dangerous one. If you do not treat gum disease, it can have devastating effects on not only your mouth, but your entire body. It can lead to tooth loss, increased risk of stroke, and even heart disease. Myth Three – Real Gum Disease is Rare. Again, a myth. Gum disease is one of the most prevalent issues that we see in teeth and the surrounding tissues. Many things lead to gum disease, and at the beginning, it causes nearly no pain. This causes it to be something nearly all adults face at some point or another. Do you want to know more about the problem of gum disease to make sure you understand its full potential for danger? Then reach out to us. We can talk to you about it, plus examine your mouth to make sure you are not showing early signs of gum disease....

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