Bleeding Gums and Gum Recession: Dangers of Gum Disease in Portland, OR

Bleeding gums and gum recession are two of the most common indicators of gum disease (periodontal disease). And untreated gum disease is one of the chief reasons people lose their teeth, but tooth loss is just the beginning. Receding gums and bleeding gums can also lead to a stage of gum disease that is far more dangerous to your health than lost teeth.

The human mouth contains millions of germs and bacteria – much of it is friendly bacteria that lives on the teeth and gums where it works to digest food and fight harmful bacteria. But if you suffer from gum recession or bleeding gums, that’s when harmful bacteria in the mouth could really hurt you.

Bleeding Gums: Pathways to Disease

Bleeding gums indicates an infection in the mouth and infections discharge toxins. It’s well known that toxins in the body can lead to disease. Bleeding gums are like having little open wounds that give bacteria direct access to the blood stream in your body. Once a bacterium becomes part of your circulation, medical scientists believe it has the potential to cause a number of problems throughout the body. Bleeding gums from gum disease are now linked to heart disease, various cancers, stroke, chronic pain, diabetes, respiratory illness, memory loss and other life-threatening health problems. More science is underway to better understand the relationship between bleeding gums, periodontal disease and other health conditions.

The most important thing you can do for you and your family is taking care of your teeth and gums. To prevent gum recession and bleeding gums, brush and floss at least twice a day and visit a dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. If you do have signs of gum disease, please don’t ignore it. Seek treatment now because bleeding gums and gum recession is often reversible in the early stages of gum disease. Even moderate to severe gum disease is treatable.

If you have bleeding gums or gum recession, call Dr. Robert Henshaw today for an appointment. We can help.