Scaling and Root Planing: Gum Disease Treatment in Portland

Are your gums starting to separate from your teeth or can you see hard deposits at the roots (tater/calculus)? It could be early signs of gum disease and time for a gum surgery technique that will fix it. It’s important to treat gum disease before it gets worse because advanced cases can cause tooth loss and serious health problems.

Scaling and root planing is a simple gum disease treatment in Portland that Dr. Henshaw uses to clear away bacteria between the teeth and gums, all the way to the roots. A scaling and root planing gum surgery technique treats early stage gum disease, or mild cases, and is considered an effective way to stop it from getting worse.

This gum surgery technique is a step beyond a deep cleaning. Patients who have scaling and root planing gum disease treatment in Portland with Dr. Henshaw usually just need a local anesthetic to numb the treatment areas. Different tools are also used during a scaling and planing gum surgery technique, including ultrasonic scalers and conventional scrapers.

Because bacteria could enter the bloodstream during this type of gum surgery technique, some patients are at increased risk for infection, including those with heart problems, compromised immunity, and patients who had major surgeries or have artificial body parts, such as prosthetic limbs, hips, valves, etc. To avoid complications, patients may need to take antibiotics before and after.

After a Root Planing and Scaling Gum Surgery Technique

To prevent infection and speed recovery, antibiotic fibers may be placed between your teeth and gums. They are usually removed one week after your scaling and root planing gum surgery technique.

Don’t use tobacco, including smokeless, after your gum surgery technique because it can interrupt the healing process and make it harder for your body to control infection.

Take care of your new smile. Patients who take care of their teeth after treatment with regular flossing, brushing and dental checkups will have healthy, pink gums again and stop gum disease from progressing.

Stop gum disease from getting worse with a scaling and root planing gum surgery technique with Dr. Henshaw. For effective, gentle gum disease treatment in Portland, call us today and make your appointment.