Dental Implants vs. Dentures in Portland

Dental implants in Portland with Dr. Robert Henshaw are the preferred treatment over traditional dentures. Dentures and dental implants assume the same goal but approach it very differently.

The Basic Structure of Dental Implants from Portland Periodontist Dr. Henshaw

Dental implants are made with a very body-friendly material called titanium. This metal integrates with the bone, which allows the dental implant to stay locked in place and begins to function exactly like a real tooth root would. The middle part of the dental implant is called the abutment, which provides a place for the crown to sit. And the crown is what sits on the abutment and looks and functions just like a real tooth.

The Differences between Dental Implants in Portland and Dentures and Bridges

  • Different Materials. Dental implants from Portland periodontist are made with titanium, a metal that fuses beautifully to the jaw bone for a comfortable feel with no complications. Dentures are constructed with plastic and metal, which some patients find bulky and irritating to the gums.
  • Different Therapeutic Value. Dental implants save and protect bone. Because they are placed right in the jaw, dental implants are able to engage the bone daily, the same way tooth roots do, so that it stays healthy. Dentures and bridges never contact the bone. Dentures sit on the gums and can actually cause bone to disintegrate.
  • Different Lifecycles and Functioning. Dental implants in Portland with Dr. Henshaw give patients a smile that lasts decades, maybe a lifetime, when treated with care. And once they are placed, there’s nothing to do but enjoy life. Dentures expire quickly, usually within a few years, and are difficult to live with. Dentures require adhesives to stay put yet often slip anyway, causing frustrating noise and embarrassment when eating and socializing.
  • Different Numbers of Teeth. Dental implants in Portland with Dr. Henshaw can be used to replace as many teeth as needed – whether it’s one or 32. Dentures are only appropriate for lots of missing teeth. Bridges that replace a single tooth can actually harm the anchoring teeth they need to function.

Dental implants in Portland from Dr. Henshaw are like getting your own teeth back. Call us today for a dental implants consultation.