Receding Gums Are Fixed with Different Types of Gum Grafts in Portland

Receding gums happen when the gum line gets too close to the roots of the teeth. Sometimes it’s a genetic issue but more often receding gums are an indication of gum disease and should be treated now before it gets worse.

Not everyone with receding gums has symptoms but many do, including:

  • Gums that bleed and swell
  • Teeth that feel sensitive to hot and cold temperatures
  • Tooth decay
  • Teeth that look overexposed or misshaped

Gum grafts can make receding gums healthy again. There are a few types of gum grafts that can fix receding gums, but all of them work by taking soft tissue and attaching it to the receding gums to lengthen the gum line.

Three Types of Gum Grafts for Receding Gums

  1. Connective-tissue gum graft: This type of gum graft is the most common treatment for receding gums. The doctor cuts a small flap on the roof of the mouth, removes some tissue from underneath, and sews it back down. The tissue is then bonded to the receding gums to create a longer gum line.
  2. Free gingival gum graft: This type of gum graft is often used to correct receding gums on patients who have thin gums by nature. Instead of cutting a flap, the doctor removes some soft tissue directly from the roof of the mouth and attaches it to the receding gums to create a longer gum line.
  3. Pedicle gum graft: This type of gum graft is best for patients who still have a good amount of soft tissue on the receding gums. The doctor makes a flap in the gum area (pedicle) and then gently stretches the skin over the exposed tooth roots, keeping it in place with some stiches.

After Receding Gums Treatment

Your gums may feel a little sore after having any one of these types of gum grafts. This is normal and can be alleviated with a mild anti-inflammatory medicine. If not, a stronger pain reliever can be prescribed. You should never floss or brush the treated areas until they are healed. To control plaque, use the mouthwash you receive. Stick to soft foods like eggs, pasta, Jell-O, yogurt, etc. for about a week.

Call us today for a consultation to see if one of these types of gum grafts can fix your receding gums.

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